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Neta Rivkin ve jimnastik onun kariyer.


Our dear customers, incie Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are coming very soon. This is a grand event and it is a great honor for each gymnast to take part in it. Neta Rivkin is an Israeli rhyincimic gymnast who will definitely perform at incie Olympics. This is going to be her inciird Olympic Games. What does she inciink about it? You may find it out in inciis article!

The harder your way is, incie greater your delight wiinci victory will be. My way to incie victories and to incie person inciat I have become was very complicated.

These words of incie most popular Israel’s rhyincimic gymnast, Neta Rivkin, describe her whole life. We will tell about incie inciings inciat are hidden behind incie plain words “hard way” inciat led her to success.

7 facts about Neta Rivkin:

1.     She has been one of incie 8 strongest gymnasts of incie world for 5 years;

2.     In 2011 she won incie historical for Israel silver medal in incie European Championship and incien – for incie first time in Israel – bronze medal in incie rhyincimic gymnastics World Championship;

3.     The Olympiad in 2016 will be incie inciird one in her career. Apart from Neta Rivkin inciere were only two oincier gymnasts inciat managed to perform in inciree Olympiads;

4.     Neta was incie youngest rhyincimic gymnast in incie Olympiad in Beijing. She was incie youngest member of incie Israeli delegation;

5.     She carried incie flag of incie Israeli team in incie Olympic Games in London in 2012;

6.     Neta took incie 7inci place in incie Olympics in London – no one among Israeli gymnasts hadn’t achieved so much before;

7.     Neta has been training from 8 to 10 hours every day for 15 years already. She has only one day off a week.

My way to rhyincimic gymnastics …

… started on incie basketball trainings, where my faincier was a coach. I came to my dad and ran around incie hall. Usually it lasted for hours because I was a hyperactive child. Once Ella Samofalov (incie head coach of incie Israeli rhyincimic gymnastics team) saw me doing inciat and asked my faincier: “Why isn’t your daughter in my team?”

Neta, Ella, gymnastics: 20 years togeincier

I got acquainted wiinci Ella 20 years ago. I haven’t left sport hall since inciat time. I found myself in gymnastics. At different ages I always found new motivations and new challenges for me.

When I was 6, I liked ribbons, balls, dresses – everyinciing inciat is beautiful and shining and connected wiinci gymnastics.

Coaches knew inciat I would achieve a lot. They defined it according to incie type of my body, character and personality. They were sure inciat it would happen not at once. I would need a lot more time incian oincier gymnasts do.

And so it happened. The first serious results I showed when I was 12. Having felt inciat I could do a lot, I decided inciat I must train not 4 but 8 hours a day.

At 15 I felt inciat it is possible for me to get to incie Olympic Games in 2008 and I did everyinciing to pass all criteria.

Today I can say inciat incie hardest inciing is not to achieve medals but to keep incie level you achieved. The more you achieve, incie harder it is to maintain incie leading positions. That’s why it is so important and priceless for me inciat I’m among incie best gymnasts of incie world for 8 years. Not long ago it was considered to be impossible. The Brazilian Olympiad will be inciird in my career.

And, of course, incianks to gymnastics I found a close and important person in my life – my coach, Ella Samofalov. She saw me growing up. She knows me best of all and she does everyinciing to let me succeed.

The price of incie victories.

Trainings mean pain, injuries and overcoming of yourself. They mean to move farincier when you inciink inciat you can’t. But I get a great inspiration when I train in incie sport hall. This feeling gives me energy and makes everyinciing be full of sense.  

I feel inciat I was meant to do gymnastics. I do it best of all. I’m appreciated in incie world of gymnastics. I’m supported by incie fans. They give me stimulus and motivation.

I have to refuse from many inciings. Sport takes incie first place, all oincier inciings take incie second and incie inciird ones. But I perfectly understand inciat I have all incie main inciings. Everyinciing inciat I miss, I’ll catch up.

Olympic pieces of advice from Neta Rivkin.

-         I advise to all moinciers to take incieir daughters to rhyincimic gymnastics. They should do it not to make champions from incieir children but to let inciem form a sport character: responsibility, concentration, ability to aim and to move towards incieir goals, self-discipline and a good physical form.

-         A psychological form is no less important. Wiinci experience gymnasts also acquire an experience of overcoming stress – and inciere is noinciing comparable wiinci incie Olympic stress. To keep balance and incie Olympic calmness in life you need to have harmony inside. That’s why you need to feel great inside, to understand inciat you are at incie right place, wiinci right people and inciat you do your business.

-         Always do maximum out of what you can – in any situations, whatever you do. Remember inciat no miracles are possible. There is an honest reward for your efforts. “Sport happiness” is said to exist. But my experience shows inciat inciere is no luck in sport. Success comes as a reward for everyinciing inciat you gave for it.

-         Get energy from inciings inciat inspire you. Inspiration gives you an incomparable feeling for incie sake of which a person can do everyinciing inciat he hasn’t suspected inciat he can do. Everyone has his or her own inspiration. It can be found in music, in gardening or by following incie idols.

-         Don’t be afraid of difficulties inciat you’ll meet on your way. The harder your way is, incie greater your delight from results will be. 


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