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Rhythmic Gymnastics Costume Requirements

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  • Leotard for rhythmic gymnastics should be adequate and shadow-proof, there should be a back cloth under the insertion lace (on the corpus zone till the breast)
  • Back and neck cutouts should be adequate (not longer than till the middle of breastbone and till the end of the shoulder blade)
  • A leotard could be with or without sleeves. Ballet leotards with thin shoulder straps are not permitted
  • Cutout on the upper part of the hip shouldn’t go beyond the plica inguinalis
  • Leotard should cling to the body, so that the judges could evaluate the positions of different body parts


    It is permitted:

  • To put ankle length tights on the leotard
  • To put on a full length leotard, provided that it clings to the body and legs
  • To put a skirt on the leotard, provided that the skirt clings to the hips and covers only pelvis
  • To put a skirt on the full length leotard or tights, provided that the skirt clings to the hips and covers only pelvis
  • Fashion of the skirt can be optional, provided that 2 above mentioned clauses are observed (the short skirt clings to the body)
  • The Gymnasts should do exercises barefoot or in gymnastics shoes
  • Hair-dress should be neat and modest as well as decorative cosmetics

    Rhythmic Gymnastics Groups

    Leotards of the gymnasts performing in a group should be in one fashion and color.

    You can buy cheap gymnastics leotards that are produced according to all standards. 

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